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Dazai is the writer who took an influence most in my younger days.
The thesis being written around the exaggerated expression of which you wrote was read. Though a novel was written in with the standard language (Tokyo word which was born in Meiji term), the old man who speaks in "Japanese" which can't understand what it is talking about to me as well is there in the country of Aomori now as for his home, too.
was no good though it had a considerable effort when it came to Tokyo to correct this dialect. Even thinking that it is speaking with the fluent standard language, itself comes out when it is a human being in Tsugaru. One is so, and he is shocked at the difference from a certain figure and the reality.

It is piled up that the collapse of is said by such trifling shape.
When it thinks of life, such small accumulation thinks me to have important meaning.
It is often being written in Edo dialect (old-fashioned Tokyo accent) by the work of .
I think that this Edo dialect comes from the comic story.
The thing of the inconvenience of the communication due to the deviation with the standard language and the dialect and so on thinks me to spread a root about the exaggerated expression of Dazai and the motif such as "No Longer Human ".
The meeting of this little inconvenience may be fatal for the human being who wants to have the principle that daily life is treasured.
I think that the inconvenience said like this is natural as a reality.
But, does it want to have the word which anyone understands and which therefore it was in and which took root in the life?

The Japanese critic of Kenichi Yoshida estimates the work of Dazai "Though it was terribly easy to read, his work only mastered Japanese, and his work didn't contribute to the Japanese development."
This opinion is probably realistic, and thinks to be a proper opinion.

It is because there is a world (the world which Amae is not in) which doesn't understand a word in our front and we must make inconvenience develop by the word, too.
But, that development must be the work of generally cutting down things.
The expression of Dazai becomes excessive when it faces that item that you must cut it down.
Even the form of the exaggeration does our breast for the human being who did the dream which was here about literature as a romance of the first rank for the thing of the truth which Osam Dazai is said as, the Utopia.

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