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About Chogyu,Takayama (1899)

But, as for the wish of that time, really, pretty, by the thing .One only notifies English and English writing, wrighting work in great literature is given in the foreign language. One was cherishing the desire that let's surprise a European.
However, that hope becomes doubtful gradually, and comes while it enters a university at long last and spends three years. When it graduated, the fool which it was said whether it is a bachelor as to this about was made and raised. Because a score was still good, a person did the one for the plan foreign news. One faced to the world, too, and a little proud. When one faced one, it was only very poor.
While it has a folly figure folly figure soon,The harm of the mind toward this me began to congeal, and became the fine peaceful death of the appearance. If it says badly, it stands up, and it doesn't care to be that it can go bad.
It is here, and faces to that world, and pride is very high. It thought with Mr. Hayashi of what high mountain and so on.

Written by Natsume s stone (at 1908)

*Mr. Hayashi of what high mountain and so on.= (CHOGYU(RINTARO TAKAYAMA))

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