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about Anti-nuclear problem.

Then, as for that statement, things are terribly cruel. That company is as cruel as to think for true that to be silly. For example that company says this thing. If a nuclear war happens once, and it depends, all the creatures on the earth, as for the nuclear war that it can die out even how many times, the nuclear war which has the terrific power becomes the last war of the earth. What is said is said. Therefore, that company says that it opposes so. But, there is neither opposition nor a loofah if the thing that all the creatures can be killed even how many times begins. Are you the same as saying that it is good if you die because you die completely if it is really reverse and it tries to think, too? In other words, is such a thing nihilism. In other words, such a thing is nihilism if I am made to say. There is no meaning which the war which all can die in opposes to. But, how to say is so. Though this teased me. Because it is only in the SF. In a word, "an opportunity movement soldier GUNDAM" and "the universe battleship YAMATO" are such things y what has been said since the old days z. Though a literary man faces that company, it is calm, and it is said. It thinks whether it is silly. When it is said why such a way of saying is done,It is because someone want to have a thing like the word of the justice which isn't criticized and which becomes perfect, too. But, it is a problem y it z y the room of the criticism z.

It talks. Yoshimotone

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