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About Blue which is endlessly close to the transparency (Almost Transparent Blue)


  As for being only certain,Even if this work of RYU MURAKAMI is read and it is the work called Japanese pure literature, you may write sex directly like this and A work is the attractive thing that it could work and it could believe that it got it if the thing which one has can be entrusted well even if there is a place where technically it doesn't mature yet.


It thinks that it could be believed so at the time of the high school student to be very lucky even now. (Rieko Matsuura)

Ryu Murakami (1952-) Novelist, Film maker. Born in Sasebo, Nagasaki. His novels include "Almost Transparent Blue"(1976), "Coin Locker Babies" (1980), "Sixty-Nine" (1985), and "Five Miniutes After"(1994). One of his films "Tokyo Decadence" was premiered at Toronto Film festival in 1992.

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