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Don't read a book music.

中上健次 おふくろは土建屋の女房でしょ。それまでも、俺がラジオ、ラジオしかないけどさ、でオペラとかクラシックを聞いてると、プツッと切るんだ、親が。いつも切られる。「聴くな、こんな音楽は」って

Kenji Nakagami Is mother the wife of the construction shop? 。 Until the then as well, the parents cut when it is listening to the opera and the classic though I am only in the radio, the radio when Put u. It is always cut. "don't listen such music ".

(The thing that it says how and that it becomes weak?)

中上 というより、変態だと思ってる(笑)。だから、わけわからない音楽をやっているということ。だから恐らく、子供が自分の理解から全然違うところに行っちゃう、それで怖い、まさに変態だという、そういうイメージで、「だめだ」とプツッと切っちゃう。
Nakagami It thinks that it is a Hentai. (笑) Therefore, the thing that the music which a reason isn't understood about is given. Therefore, it is cut when "It is no good." and Put u with such a dreadful image which therefore goes to the probably really wrong place a child from its understanding and that it is really a Hentai. Therefore, because it becomes the neurosis which it dies of when a book is being read when it is read and thinks about something and dies, stop it.

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