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"if Ginsberg is the Beat movement's Walt Whitman (he is), Gary Snyder is the Henry David Thoreau. "



Gary Snyder is Thoreau if Ginsber is compared to Whitman at the beat age.
It seems to be a thing.Is it a thing such as Parker, chairman, and President Gillespie?
It goes, and it isn't understood like real intention.

Henry David seems to be the friend of Emerson. When the way that Mr.Kubis has Spinoza read becomes the age of goethe. "Don't you feel a wood with Spinoza?"
It seems to be the person of such feeling though it was said that it went in the said direction.
The thing that it feels Bokuga with Miles Davis and which is the same as feeling an ukiyoe with Whistler .
Though who said or it was forgotten, all the pictures which came in the age of the (In fact it is remembered.) Shirakaba came by the monochrome photograph letterpress printing.
It is said that it is only Arishima about having seen it with the color. (Is it true?)
The corruption-like latter term impressionist school (It thinks.) is being drawn as a picture which was full of the lively life there. ROMAN is late, and comes. Is it Delay & memory.
Snyder and SOOROO become the things of the beech connection. But, when Zen comes to like it by the Japanophile more than it than what, too, it still Sam (The Man) Taylor .
Well, it is not here. It will be the thing of Sonny Rollins.
It is joining palms in prayer in ZenPoet who translated Miyazawa,Kenji into English, too. JaranJaranJaran.
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