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About Dazai,Osamu

吉本 本を開いてる間じゅう、その作家の声を聞いてるっていう感覚はたしかにありますね。
Yoshimoto Banana:
While a book is being opened, there is a sense which it is said that it is listening to that writer(Dazai)'s voice about certainly.

高橋源一郎 太宰の「斜陽」の最後のくだりを読んで、思わずおよよと泣き崩れるとかさ。楽しいとか楽しくないとかじゃなくて、すっきりしたいという気持ちはあるよね。その機能がやっと最近動き出したのかなあと思って、これはわりと画期的な傾向じゃないかと思うんですよ。

Genichiro Takahashi:
The last part of "the setting sun" is read and it bursts into tears unconsciously with Oyoyo. There is feeling that it is happy and it isn't happy and it is not it and wants to feel refreshed. It thinks whether that function finally began to move recently. This is thought to be a rather epoch-making tendency.

Because there are various elements, Dazai is said, only in 1 mouth, though it can't be said.Will it have a special feeling when Dazai,Osamu is read? Though it said some time ago, too, because he puts a story on the reader suddenly.

Usually, as for saying a novel, a little more gently, even the thing of both the thing written with the first person and the third person Or, the condition that it gives a lecture with more than one reader .But, it is wrong in the case of Dazai. It feels like being the condition that Dazai is coming to the reader's imminence and speak.Don't you think that it is hardly here when this Sakka?

Takeno's novel doesn't have a feeling of the pair 1. But, it seem to Dazai, and there is feeling like "I talk to you." in Banana's novel with the pair 1. I tried to use the word of "Toporogcary identity".

Even if it is transformed freely, though the thing that shape doesn't change is said even as Toporogical.For example, a coffee cup is the same as the doughnut in Topological meaning. In the point that a hole is made.

There is neither a style like Dazai nor a scene in the novel of Banana. However, though it is not here, I think that it has identity in the point that it becomes Yoshimoto's narration as it is when Dazai,Osamu is transformed.

吉本 私は、中学生の頃は、ほとんど読書なんかしなかった子供だったんですが、それでも太宰治だけは一通り、文庫に入っているものはすべて読みました。ということは、自分に似ているかどうかはさておき、要するに、字も読めないような子供に、それだけインパクトを与えたというわけです。
Banana:As for me, reading was almost the child who didn't do at the time of the junior high school student. But,Only as for Dazai,Osamu, I still read all the things which one way was in the library. As for the thing. As for whether to look like oneself, it is put aside .A letter is the child who can't read it, too.
In a word, it is that an impact like it was given to it toward the child.

Will there be 37 libraries in total? Because it is made to read it, there is good impression with the intense persuasive power. Therefore
I always write that let's write the work which it knows even if the person who has just read a letter reads it if I can do it in the mid, too.

高橋 私もです(笑)。
Me too. (It laughs).

吉本 良かった、良かった(笑)。
Good!Good!(It laughs)


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