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Tanizaki Interview

-----Mr.Tanizaki,About when did you read Saikaku in?

谷崎 大分あとですね。幸田露伴さんが「井原西鶴」を書いたでしょう。あれを読んでからだな。それから、さっき言った小学校の先生、この人は非常に謹厳なんだけれども、西鶴のことやなんか、教えてくれましたよ。
It is very the rest. Did Mr. Koda,Rohan write "IharaSaikaku"? It is after that is read. Then, the teacher of the elementary school which said some time ago ,Though it was very stern, this person told me the thing of Saikaku and so on.

---As for coming to be said high after Meiji, still, Rohan's ・・・

谷崎 いや、一番最初は「小説神髄」の中か何かにあるんじゃないですか。僕は「小説神髄」を読まないけれども・・・。
No, won't the beginning most be in the inside of "the novel essence" or anything? Though I don't read "the novel essence". ・・・.

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