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勝本 清一郎

----When a distance in 100 is put for 50 years and it thinks, the thing of the meaning of the way of being here is still so far a place from the Imperial Household, and causes the trouble of to be decide what kind of part played in Japanese-ization in the society of the thing of the journal Shirakaba ("White Birch") . ---(Seichiro Katumoto)



Shoichiro Kamei:

I have the mind of the last thing of dynasty literature in a certain meaning (Shirahaba).
Were many various court nobles in dynasty literature though in other words a woman made it long ago when it kept putting it off from FujiwaraKamatari to the KonoeFumimaro・・・ old days all the time if he kept putting it off to the past all the time?


Doesn't a Shirakaba side become that end exactly if it is seen from the eye of the long history? Both the Emperor's abuse and criticism are calm, and those characteristics are said.
In other words, it is that there is a sense of closeness very much.
Therefore, when it is here, it can be seen from the viewpoint of liberalism. For example have a look at HakuchoMasamune and Toson because that is different from us. Because they are the perfect people. There is it whether only to rebel if it is absolutely respected because it is too far from the Emperor. However, how calm is it "You are silly.", and will we say if for example it gets along? Such a thing lurks with the Imperial family in the relations of the Shirakaba side.



Shugo Honda:

It has developed very dialectically. (It laughs.)

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