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 Because it had the character which was the same as you, I worried a mind about such a thing well, too, and made a mind go bad. But, until whenever it passes, such a thing does the idea that it is exceeded in these as much as possible recently because it comes out one after another and there is no limit.I received abuse and abuse from the person very much. But, I became silent. Many people interpreted it when he lined up the thing stolen from the adaptation or the people and he was put up when "a cat" was written. There is even a thing which such main thought was announced.

 武者小路さん。気に入らない事、癪に障る事、憤慨すべき事は塵芥の如く沢山あります。それを清める事は人間の力で出来ません。それと戦うよりもそれをゆるす事が人間として立派なものならば、出来るだけそちらの方の修養をお互いにしたいと思いますがどうでしょう。  私は年に合わせて気の若い方ですが、近来ようやくそっちの方角に足を向け出しました。時勢は私よりも先に立っています。あなたがそちらへ目をつけるようになるのは今の私よりもずっと若い自分の事だろうと信じます。以上。
Musha-san.There is it very much in getting angry with what isn't liked that you should get angry like dust. It can't be done with the human power that it is cleansed. It is to forgive it though a respectable thing wants to make cultivation in that each other as a human being as much as possible rather than it fights against it how. Though it was a young mind in accordance with the age, I finally began to turn a foot in that direction in these days. Times stand before me. It believes that it comes to give an eye there probably to be the thing of oneself who is much younger from present me. As mentioned.


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