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About Tsubouchi Shoyo

Mentor always did a lesson to us You must work.


"A spark was scattered in the group of a certain new drama for no less than three months these days, and it saw writing to work in the program.
When I think How many sparks are scattered by the effort for three-month, there won't be a great thing.
. It is, and discontent is stated after they says "It didn't have our effort it rewarded."


I scattered a spark for no less than 50 years, and worked, and came.
But, the result of that effort doesn't appear at all. The way of Geijuthu is far. It is endless.

then,a lesson were done,It was here because Mentordown a touched voice and a classroom was utterly .

If it does what, tears can be shed .No one was in the thing completed though we tried to study it.  (昭和十五年 井伏鱒二)
Ibuse Masuji
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