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Bananan Bananan Banana no na(1)

There are Shigeru Mizuki and FujioAkatuka as a cartoonist that she took an influence in the girl term by the interview of some BnanaYoshimoto which I read.

These comics have taste which got dim completely very much, and there is a cruel point in them. There are many comics which the human being who lives admirably though it is in the poverty of the life is drawn in in the comics which they write.
I think that a feeling of the novel of Banana is close to Kyoka Izumi and so on. The authoress of Fumiko Enchi makes it associate Banana, too.
Ryu Murakami is the writer who influenced Banana. The point that this name is not Haruki Murakami but Ryu Murakami is very interesting. There are many more unusual things than saying the love that it comes out to Fumiko Enchi and Ryu Murakami. But, Izumi Kyoka isn't so unnatural when about the beginning of Meiji when it was there makes it an age background.
There is manly feeling in those novels, too.

And, it is said that Stephen King gave Banana a great influence, too.
She stated that it said "It has human strength in the extreme situation." about the charm of the novel of King.

I feel the influence of the comics of Mizuki and so on with the foundation of the novel of Yoshimoto. And, it is impressed from Kyoka as well.
But, it isn't understood because it has never been read about Stephen King.
Won't there be a person who feels the commonness of Banana anyone Stephen King?

The sentence of Banana Yoshimoto is very easy to read and wonderful. It is said that she read all the complete works of Osamu Dazai. Her sentence has the easiness to read Osamu Dazai(that it is great) and the sentence of the same rank.
Banana is made the extreme power not to use a kanji (the loanword translated into the kanji in Meiji term and that front), and a work is being written in it. I think that the source of the transparent powerfulness of the sentence of Banana comes from the multiple states of the modern hiragana word.

The words of Beatles which was a hit worldwide have heard the story that the word (In other words, I think this equal to a kanji to say in Japan.) of a source of Latin is very rare. The cause that it is read in the country that Bananas vary and which is loved will be the function which is the same, too.

By BananaGeinin